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At Lotus, we understand that life can be complicated and at times be a roadblock in the pursuit of losing weight. Our goal is to guide our patients into developing better overall wellness, in conjunction with weight loss support. We will provide physical and emotional support for every patient on their weight loss journey.
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There is a one-time consult fee of $89. This fee includes a thorough assessment of your current and past medical history, recent lab work, and a review of currently prescribed medications. 3.5% fee applies when paying by credit card. See the sections below for the plans and pricing we offer. If you have any questions please reach out to us! 
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Semaglutide Oral Tablets

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Semaglutide Oral Tablets

We are now offering Semaglutide Oral Tablets. These are available in .05mg, 1mg and 2 mg dosages. Please reach out for more information either by phone (859) 379-2199 or you can schedule an appointment using this link: https://healow.com/apps/provider/christie-conley-3272025

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50% off consult fee


10% off first month treatment
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Tirzepatide Vial

Tirzepatide Starter Plan

*Free Delivery
*Compounded Tirzepatide Prescribed Online
*Injection Supplies Included
*Bills Monthly
* Available dosages are 2.5mg - 10mg 

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Semaglutide Vial

Semaglutide Starter Plan

*Free Delivery
*Compounded Semaglutide Prescribed Online
*Injection Supplies Included
*Bills Monthly
* Available dosages are .25mg - 2.4mg

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Lipo C Vial

Lipo C Starter Plan

*Free Delivery
*Compounded Lipo C Prescribed Online
*Injection Supplies Included
*Bills Monthly

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Comprehensive Weightloss and Wellness Company in Lexington, Kentucky

Our telehealth clinic ensures a safe and effective weight loss journey by offering comprehensive programs that are medically supervised throughout the entire treatment, providing individuals in receiving continuous guidance and oversight for their wellness goals.

For faster implementation and to expedite progress, after an evaluation, we will develop an appropriate personalized plan that may include prescribed medication, ensuring a swift initiation toward their wellness journey for effective weight loss.

Gain fast and easy access to a healthcare provider through the patient portal provided, enabling seamless communication and timely assistance for all your wellness needs.
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Services Offered


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Why Choose Us?

Here at Lotus Weight Loss and Wellness, we take pride in helping clients in Lexington and surrounding areas. We know that there are several other weight loss companies to choose from. That's why we go above and beyond for our clients to help set ourselves apart. From the moment you begin your journey to the moment you achieve your goals, you’ll receive highly personalized attention along with a rejuvenating experience. Here are three reasons to choose Lotus Weightloss and Wellness:

✓ Specialization in GLP-1 and GLP-1/GIP Medications:
We possess extensive knowledge and experience with administering and providing GLP-1 medications, offering a deep understanding of these innovative weight management treatments to ensure you receive the most advanced and effective solutions available.

✓ Tailored Approach:
Our approach to weight loss and wellness is highly individualized, incorporating customized nutrition plans, personalized exercise regimens, and emotional support to provide a holistic strategy that ensures long-lasting results and an improved sense of well-being.

✓ Commitment to Lasting Results:
Lotus Weight Loss and Wellness Center is dedicated to helping you not only achieve your weight loss goals but also maintain your newfound wellness. Our comprehensive programs are designed to enhance overall health, leaving you feeling healthier and more vibrant.
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No pressure. No obligation. Contact us today! An $89 consultation fee applies. This fee covers a medical assessment, medication review, lab review, and discussion of treatment plans. A 3.5% fee applies when paying by credit card.

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